All Animal Protection Inc.
PO BOX 72 Parker, Pa. 16049

Adoption Application

1. Name_________________________________________________

2. Street address___________________________________________City___________________ State ________________zip__________

3. Drivers license number_______________ Date of Birth__________

4. Phone number__________________ S.S.#____________________

5. Email address___________________________________________

6. Employer______________________________ Phone #__________

7. Do you rent or own your home?_____________________________
If you rent you will need a statement from your landlord clearly stating you have permission to house an animal on the premises and landlord must sign and notarize our permission to enter premises form .(Without permission statement and entry premises form application will not be approved)Enclose a copy of your latest lease agreement.

8. Will Animal reside at your home or will it be boarded?_________________

If boarded we need the following information

A. Name of facility____________________________________

B. Address___________________________________________

C. Phone#___________________________________________

D. Owner name________________________________________

E. Notarized premises entry form signed by owner of facility

(application without this from will not be accepted)

9. Briefly state how you intend to use the adopted animal. _____________________________________________________________________ 

10. Please provide two character references ( no relatives, preferred aniaml owners)
A. Name________________________ phone#_________________
B. Name ________________________phone#_________________

11. Do you presently own an animal/ horse or pony?__________________________

12. Briefly state your experience with animals/ horses/ponies_____________________________________________________________________

13. Who will be your vet and farrier?
A. Name ______________________phone#___________________
B. Name ______________________phone#___________________

14. Why do you want to adopt a rescued animal/horse/pony?

Please return application, all necessary required forms along with a ( $25.00/cats, $35.00/dogs, $50.00/horses/ponies )

NON-REFUBDABLE application fee. An application returned without application fee will not be considered.

Make check payable to All Animal Protection Inc. and send to:
All Animal Protection Inc.
P.O BOX 72
Parker, PA. 16049